The Voice! Turning rejection into Inspiration



     As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago I flew to Las Vegas to audition for the television show The Voice. It was quite a spontaneous decision but I figured, hey it’s a new year, I’ve got nothing to lose, and I love to allow my curiosity to be my guiding compass.

I can honestly say I totally rocked my audition! I sang Nina Simone’s Feeling Good and I embodied it on every level. I brought so much heart, soul and unique style, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! But alas, I was not selected to advance. I truly thought I had a very good chance of making it to the televised competition and was most excited for the opportunity to gain exposure and sing for such a large audience. The disappointment I felt wasn’t so much about not making the show exactly, but rather it was a feeling of dissatisfaction from my stifled creative potential, because the truth is:


I will tell you that in the weeks that followed the audition I found myself feeling pretty depressed. I was experiencing daily bouts of frustration and irritation that my “efforts” weren’t paying off, or so it seemed at the time. I was really questioning, “How am I supposed to figure out how to fulfill my life’s purpose and be successful?!”

And then it came…the answer

I’m not.

I don’t need to know the HOW as long as I AM crystal clear on the WHY.

My work is to stay in the frequency of love & gratitude. To practice patience and have faith even when things don’t make sense. Easier said than done for sure! Every peak and valley becomes the music and the stories that I tell with my voice. Authentic expression comes from the entire spectrum and so I am grateful for everything that has transpired up to this point. Rejection makes the victories even sweeter and I completely trust that when some doors close, many others open.

A wonderful thing happened last week as I was performing for travelers at the Sea-Tac International Airport. When I first arrived I’ll admit I was tired, uninspired and annoyed with security. As I sang the first note of the sound check I was so struck by the pure joy and healing power of music and how lucky I am to get to sing, that it literally pulled me out of my funk immediately.
Within minutes the busy thoroughfare was transformed to a concert hall where surprised passerby’s would pause and take a moment to receive what I was putting out. I had an amazing day and was reminded that getting to share a gift that makes people smile, dance and get teary eyed is all the affirmation I need. I AM on the right track!

Success means showing up and taking chances
Success means not letting fear stop you in your tracks
Success means stretching and evolving
Success means falling down and getting up again
Success means creating a life on our own terms
Success means……whatever we determine it to mean for us

This creative, artistic walk comes with a lot of emotional up and downs, rejection, judgement and vulnerability…but also brings with it so many beautiful experiences, connections and surprises. It’s all part of my story and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Have you heard the latest single yet?

Have you heard the latest single yet?

100% of the proceeds from the sale of WE ARE ONE will be donated to an organization called the Unstoppable Foundation. This foundation is working to eradicate poverty in Kenya, Liberia an Uganda through education, access to clean water and sanitation, health care, nutrition and job skills training for the adults of the communities. They work within villages one at a time, implementing these basic pillars and creating sustainable solutions so villagers can ultimately rise out of poverty and build better futures for generations to come. Your purchase of the song will translate into a direct donation, plus you will get an amazing song to listen to! 

With so many people in need and thousands of causes that could use support, WHY the Unstoppable Foundation?
I chose this particular organization because it encompasses so many of my core values into its mission and methods. I am very passionate about personal empowerment and believe that education, human rights, sustainability, health, wellness, clean water and food is an essential foundation in which to build a life of independence, strength and freedom upon. Last Spring when I was on tour in Hawaii I had this very special song come through while on the beach in Maui. It was one of those very potent and rare moments where it feels as though there is this song just spiraling around me and my only job is to be present and receive it. Not only did WE ARE ONE seek me out, it was delivered with what felt like very clear instructions to use it as a platform to raise awareness and money for causes beyond music. I believe that music alone has the power to impact and uplift peoples lives, but the more I realized how many people in the world are suffering from a lack of basic human necessities….I knew I needed to do more. There is no question that many people in the world are in need, and I feel that as a privileged woman I have a responsibility to do something impactful to contribute to the healing of this planet. Thank you for supporting this musical mission!!! Though it may seem like a small drop in the bucket, even the smallest drop can create a ripple!!!

Hallelujah & the Power of repetition…

Hallelujah & the Power of repetition…

     You know that feeling when you get a song stuck on repeat in your head?…And the more you try to forget it, the more it continues to play over and over again and over again!

Music has an incredibly powerful way of getting into our subconscious, whether we even realize it or not. Pop music in particular is written with an ingredient that we all have experienced…it’s called REPETITION!

Sometimes that’s a great thing, especially if its a lyric that we really enjoy hearing and singing along with, (click HERE to watch my rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on Facebook Live at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)
but other times even the cheesiest or most distasteful chorus ever, can somehow manage to embed itself into our memory. You know what I’m talking about right?

Just as these hooky choruses can become trapped in our heads…the same is also true for Mantra’s and Affirmations. Mantra’s and Affirmations are those short, positive and uplifting phrases that use the same principle of REPETITION but with different intentionality, lyrical content, and awareness.

Positive Affirmations act as magnets to draw abundance, prosperity & creativity into our lives!


Because the more you repeat an affirmation, the more it begins to repeat itself within you and absorbs into the subconscious mind, creating deep cellular level transformation! It’s actually been proven by science!

Here’s another way to look at it…

     As you probably know sound waves are vibrations and we are made almost entirely of water. So consider that when we listen to music our entire bodies vibrate in response, which is why we can literally feel the effects that music has in our bodies. Sometimes we are moved to tears, triggered by a memory or even made to feel anger or frustration that results in tension and anxiousness…all depending on the type of music of course. 

     Which is also a big reason that I am very particular about what kinds of sounds I allow into my awareness. I know there are times when we don’t have a choice, especially in public places…(unless we’ve got headphones in) but when I’m in my car and most definitely at home, I’m adamant about surrounding myself with music, lyrics and sounds that are uplifting, positive and inspiring!

Music is an essential part of my daily wellness routine and something I use to keep me focused, grounded and connected!

Some of my favorite lyrics from my song Why Worry are “Thoughts create reality, maintain a higher frequency and focus on the positive.”

What we think and how we choose to respond to our environment is entirely up to us!

So what kinds of influences are you allowing in?
What types of messages, sounds, and music are you exposing yourself to as you prepare for your day?

What if the music you listened to and sang along with actually spoke to YOU personally on a deeper cellular level?!

     I am SO excited to reveal to you a totally new and revolutionary offering that has been stretching my comfort zone big time!!!

Curious yet? 

It’s ALMOST time….So stay tuned as I will be sharing more with you very very SOON!

THANK YOU so much for your ongoing support along this musical path! I am honored to share this journey with you!

LOVE Wins!


“Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello Dear Friends,

I’ve been feeling a whole range of emotions and heavy energy as we approach the end of 2016. Are you feeling it? So much destruction, greed and darkness and yet at the same time so much love, generosity and light!
There is much transformation and beauty that can come from darkness and pressure..I like to imagine the process a crystal or diamond goes through deep within the the cold, dark, damp, pressure induced environment.
See what magnificent, radiance can emerge!?!

It’s certainly not easy to LOVE in the face of hatred, oppression and violence. We’ve been blessed with the life work and examples set forth by great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi and Nelson Mandela that affirm,
Love Wins!

Each of these Love revolutionaries faced tremendous injustices, violence and oppression while paving the way and showing us what is truly possible when we come together for the good of all.

Right now we are being given an opportunity to stand up for our values and bring some awareness where currently there is a lot of ignorance, intolerance and hate. One example of this is in the uprising of Unity consciousness and peaceful activism by the thousands of peaceful water protectors currently at Standing Rock ND.

At this moment they are experiencing extreme violence and injustices by the hands of our very own government who are more committed to protecting the big oil companies and investors then actual people. In spite of the horrific conditions the water protectors are having to endure, they remain peaceful, vigilant and nonviolent. They are defending the basic human right of clean water for everyone and raising their voices against the greed that is destroying the planet.

I’m deeply moved and inspired by the show of solidarity and support this movement is generating on a global scale and it feels like just the beginning of a major shift that we are all needing to participate in.
Water is LIFE! It’s truly an amazing time to be alive!
Learn more about Standing Rock and how to get involved HERE

Something I have come to understand in my own life is that regardless of what outside circumstances throw our way we always have the power to choose how we react and respond. We are responsible for our inner mindset as well as our capacity to give & receive love, forgive and have compassion.

Again not always an easy path…

But I believe that Energy flows where our attention goes…

Which is why for me, music is such a healing medicine!
Music truly has the ability to completely shift the vibrational frequency in our bodies and energy field, so when I find myself in those dark places of doubt, fear and uninspired busy-ness, I access the power of music to bring me right back into the core of my being, where my deepest truth can communicate with me and through me.Music has the power to dissipate stagnant energy within the body creating openings for our deepest intentions to take hold and amplify!

Neuroscientists have even discovered that listening to music heightens positive emotion through the reward centers of our brain, stimulating those delightful hits of dopamine that can make us feel high or even elated. Almost no brain center is left untouched by music! 

The best way to illuminate the darkness is to shine light on it!

So I’m choosing to cultivate, give & share more music, which generates more LOVE!!!

I’ll be revealing one of the new ways I’m doing this in the next week….Stay tuned : )

How are you choosing be a part of the LOVE revolution?
I’d love to hear from you!

THANK YOU so much for your ongoing support along this musical path! I am honored to share this journey with you!

Take good care & keep nurturing your dreams,

Sarah Christine 

Something powerful is brewing…


     With so much going on in the world recently my attention has been focused on how as an artist I can be most effective with my work? 
     I mean, I feel so incredibly privileged to be woman and a musician living in a country where I have an abundance of freedom, opportunity, safety and choices. And its because of that privilege that I am being called to be bigger, bolder and more courageous than ever on behalf of all of those who don’t have the freedom or opportunity to use their voices and share their gifts.

It certainly can feel overwhelming when there is so much craziness everywhere we turn. But there is also so much beauty and abundance. So I recommend focusing on that, and BEING Grateful. The vibrational frequency of gratitude has the power to dissolve negativity in a second…
     Change begins at home and in our communities and I’m very excited and humbled to contribute to the education and confidence boosting of young minds for they are the next leaders. So starting tomorrow I am teaching a singing/voice empowerment class for a group of pre-teen girls in my yurt. This is the first group class of its kind for me, but I’m definitely getting the inner nudge to do more of it!

I truly believe in the transformational benefits of music and self expression! 

     Last month I was blessed to spend a week in the magical red rocks of Sedona receiving guidance and deepening my commitment to using my life and music to be in service to the healing of this planet!!

    So…In the upcoming months I will be revealing the details for my third album along with some very exciting new performing gigs in Washington and beyond!

     And….I’m so excited to share my brand new offering that will launch this month!!! Stay tuned for all the details. I’ll give you hint…
It’s totally cutting edge and very personal…

So much to be thankful for! I’ll be performing at Sea-Tac International Airport a few times this month before heading off to Santa Barbara again to bring some uplifting musical inspiration to the Wealthy Goddess LIVE conference with my awesome mentor Kendra Thornbury.
You can find all the gig details on my “shows” page.

I sincerely appreciate you and your ongoing support along this musical path!


I AM….





Thank You SPIRIT, Thank You SOURCE, Thank you DIVINE MOST HIGH ❤


Arizona Prayerformances


Whoa…the energy and beauty of Sedona has been opening and unfolding me in so many ways. Spent the past four days in retreat singing, drumming, praying, declaring intention and preparing to birth the next wave of creativity. I’ve heard it said that the vortexes here have the power to amplify our intentions…So I am declaring with more clarity and commitment to be in service to the healing and upliftment to our planet by utilizing my gifts and fulfilling my purpose. I’m embracing all parts of myself and authentically expressing the dark and the light!

I’ll be offering 2 Prayerformances in Arizona ~

Friday night Sept 30th @ ChocolaTree organic cafe Sedona, AZ 6:30-8pm

Saturday night Oct 1st Firecreek Coffee Co. Flagstaff AZ  All are welcome


Sweet days of Summer…

Hello Beautiful People,

     What an incredibly beautiful and full summer it has been! I was on the go non-stop it seemed and I really loved meeting so many new and amazing people, such as yourselves along the way. July’s happenings had me regularly performing at music festivals, farmers markets, Sea-tac Airport and for the very first time, The famous Triple Door in Seattle.

One absolutely mindblowing summer highlight, and probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done was to backpack along the Great Wall of China and camp out under a full moon, followed a few hours later by the most peaceful and serene sunrise I’ve ever witnessed! Talk about inspiration! I’ll share the “sunrise” song with you soon once its had a little more time to simmer : )

I returned home at the end of August to an abundant garden and orchard in full bloom. So as these days begin to grow shorter and cooler I’m spending many hours making pesto, applesauce, salsa, zucchini bread, pumpkin soup and whatever else I can manage to whip up in all my spare time…ha ha!

I’ve got some really cool performances coming up in the next couple of weeks locally and then I’m off to Arizona for a retreat, performances and teaching! See tour schedule for upcoming gig details. I do still have a couple of openings available in AZ if you are interested in hosting me for a house concert or private voice session in the Phoenix, Flagstaff or Sedona area Sept 29th-Oct 2nd email me at
     I feel deeply blessed with these opportunities I get to share this gift and I want to thank each of you for being a part of this sacred musical journey with me. I sincerely appreciate your love and support along the path. I look forward to sharing more as the story unfolds. 

Take good care and keep nurturing your dreams,

Sarah Christine

Triple Door MainStage July 18th! Plus Sounden Voice Empowerment journey July 15th!

Hello Beautiful People,

     I’m feeling so grateful and excited for all the wonderful opportunities to share my musical medicine this month. July is shaping up to be quite full with new experiences, inspiration and lessons that continually stretch me to find balance in all that I do. I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to perform at my all time favorite music venue in Seattle for the very first time, The Triple Door MainStage on July 18th!!  I’ll be doing a solo acoustic opening set to warm up the room for International touring artist Francesca Blanchard. I have had this place on my performing wish list for years and am so looking forward to singing in such a high caliber concert venue!
     This month I’m also again offering Sounden, a guided group voice empowerment journey. The transformational experience takes place in a magical yurt nestled in the heart of Vashon Island. 

     I want to thank each of you for being a part of this sacred musical journey with me and sincerely appreciate your love and support along the path. I look forward to sharing more as the story unfolds. 

Take good care and keep nurturing your dreams,

Sarah Christine

Sound ~ The Primordial vibration of creation

Den ~ A warm hollow in the Earth where you gather with family = SOUNDEN

Our voice puts thoughts into creative motion. We attract, inform, request, demand and communicate our desires through the use of sound and vibration. Join us in a magical yurt nestled in the heart of Vashon Island to reclaim and empower your amazing authentic voice. I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible experience with you. Next gathering July 15th. More info and ticket link at