Sweet Opportunities


I am absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to share the stage once again with some of my favorite artists right here on my home town island! I’ll be bringing in the soulful feminine vibes and kicking off the evening with an acoustic set starting at 6:30. Tickets & Info HERE

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Hello Spring!

Hello Friends,
     Yay, Spring is here! Birds, sunshine, flowers, stars and all the sweet scents and signs of life emerging! I’m so happy to have finally turned the corner and be able to say “thank you” and “farewell” to yet another Pacific Northwest Winter. I’ve been working steadily and making exciting progress on the new record. Last week we recorded all the drum tracks at Earwig studio in Seattle. All of which were masterfully performed by Grant Schroff, an absolutely amazing, ultra talented drummer, composer and truly great person who I met years ago when we attended Cornish College of the Arts here in Seattle. I’m in total awe and gratitude at the professionalism and high caliber of musicians who are blessing this album!  Still many more to come…It’s all unfolding beautifully and is completely blowing my heart wide open!

Studio Crew: Grant Schroff (drums) , Me (vocals, guitar, piano) Alex George (bass), Martin Feveryear (producer, engineer)

Travel, Growth & Expansion

Hello Beautiful Friends,

Happy New Year and blessings on your upcoming year ahead! It has been such a honor and pleasure to share this journey with you and I am very excited for what is to come with this new cycle. 
Thank you for your ongoing support and love. I am grateful to do this work and am looking forward to many more wonderful opportunities to spread the music and the message!

Highlights from 2017
I flew to Las Vegas and auditioned for the TV show The Voice! Even though I was not chosen to advance, I know I rocked it and am proud that I took a chance.
I traveled to New York for the first time and sang on Broadway! Watch video HERE
I spent 3 incredible weeks in Bali with my amazing daughters!
I taught Michael Franti one of my songs and performed with him, also in Bali!
I traveled to Santa Barbara to share my music medicine at a powerful women’s retreat on the ocean! 
     2018 is off to a great start as I have broken ground on my new album project due out this Spring. I am absolutely thrilled to share this new music with you!

Puerto Rico Benefit concert with the Shook Twins!

This Wednesday I have the wonderful pleasure of warming up the stage and opening for the incredible Shook Twins on Vashon Island, WA!
Join us for a very special evening of beautiful harmonies and inspiring music while helping to raise funds for a very important cause. TICKETS HERE
Check out this LIVE solo acoustic performance of
We Are One at Unity of South Sound!

Change begins with us



“Millions of fibers connect us to our fellow human beings, and our actions connect us via these fibers to all others on the planet. When you cultivate an attitude of gratitude and generosity, you will find yourself wanting to be in the service of others.”   Wayne Dyer

Hello and welcome new friends,

Last year I released a new song called We Are One. My intention for creating and recording this song was to be able to give back with my music in a way that I had not yet done. I chose a non-profit organization called The Unstoppable Foundation to donate 100% of the songs proceeds to. I was drawn to support this particular cause because it aligns with my core values of empowerment and education.

The Unstoppable Foundation has a 5-pillar development model that builds schools in villages of Kenya, Liberia and Uganda, and also provides the community with access to clean water & sanitation, food & nutrition, healthcare and empowerment & income training for parents so the whole community becomes self-sustaining. So far with your support WE have raised over $400 dollars for the Olmusereji community in Kenya.
For more info on the wonderful work this organization is doing visit Unstoppablefoundation.org 

It may not seem like much money yet but it is a start and I believe there is a lot of power in our intentions that can build momentum and open doors.
To help generate more visibility and get the message of We Are One into the world, I will be filming a music video this winter to accompany the song.  As more of us are waking up, my prayer is that we can harness the power and uniqueness of our gifts and contribute them to create a world which honors all life.
We are connected to one another, to the earth and to all living things. Change begins with each of us!
WE ARE ONE ~ Listen & Purchase Song HERE

YOU are Enough!


Stop living in scarcity and lack mentality, YOU are enough! There is ENOUGH of everything for EVERYONE. Don’t believe the lies that keep us separated by fear, corruption and greed.
Our gifts are needed NOW and we cannot afford to play small. It’s time we wake up and reclaim the brilliance and power that is abundant inside each of us. True wealth comes from within and begins with the frequency of our thoughts, mindset and intention. True wealth cannot be measured by material possessions or money, but rather by the abundance of peace, clarity, love and connection we experience as we embody the deepest, most authentic calling of our souls.


Summer Blessings



     Wow, Summertime in the Pacific Northwest is an absolute dream! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as well and making time to get out and enjoy life. My garden is in full swing and feels like a full time job in itself. I’ve been harvesting strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, cucumbers, kale, basil, lavender, beets and more. So much abundance, yay!

Eating delicious, healthy food is essential to my daily well being routine and keeps me grounded and energized. Also, I find that in times when the motivation to write or practice music is lacking, playing in my kitchen and creating beautiful recipes inspires my creative musical flow. I also receive deep fulfillment from growing a garden and having a relationship with the plants. I’m constantly amazed, humbled and so nourished!

I’m excited to be playing a stint of local farmers markets which combines several of my favorite components; playing music, being outdoors, local organic food, connection with cool people and creativity.

Additionally I’m absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with my beautiful Sis and songwoman Saritah once again for a powerful, intimate acoustic show at Soulfood Coffee house in Redmond WA on July 29th.

*See full schedule and details on the “shows” page of my website*

I’m so grateful to do this work and am looking forward to many more wonderful opportunities to share music!

I’m now booking for fall/winter! If you are interested in hosting me for a house concert, booking me at your venue or have connections that might be a good fit, I’d love to hear from you! sarahchristinemusic@gmail.com

Singing with Michael Franti in Bali & NYC debut!

Greetings and love friends,

     It certainly has been awhile since I’ve reached out. I hope you are doing well and enjoying these beautiful late Spring days. I’ve had quite a memorable past few months which included my first trip to New York City where I got to make my Broadway debut at Birdland Jazz Club! I was accompanied by Tony Bennetts master piano player and performed Nina Simones “Feeling Good” to a packed house. You can watch the live video HERE
I absolutely loved feeling the pulse and energy of the city and was so inspired by the dynamic street artists and late night underground music scene. A week in NYC definitely gets the creative juices flowing! 

     In May I flew to Bali to meet up with my gorgeous daughters who have been traveling around Southeast Asia for the past 5 months. On my way over I ran into Michael Franti at the airport in Taiwan. What an awesome surprise! We got to hang out and chat it up while awaiting to board our flight. He invited my daughters and I to visit Soulshine, his retreat center in Ubud, and attend his intimate outdoor concert. I was also blessed with the opportunity to teach him one of my songs (Why Worry) and perform with him!

After a week in Ubud, we headed to the Gili Air which is a tiny little island off the coast of Lombok.
The water is intoxicatingly clear, warm and divine, the cuisine is so fresh and nourishing, the air so fragrant and sweet, the people were so kind and sincere.
Oh and the birds…like a choir of angels singing every morning!
And the sunsets…mind blowing!
The massages…aahhh!
Oh, and the coconuts…heavenly nectar!

I completely fell in love with Bali, the Gili Islands and can’t wait to return.
I’m so grateful to get to experience so much goodness, abundance and soulfood!

These wonderful experiences have given me so much inspiration and gratitude which I’ve been pouring into my writing. Feeling excited and very ready to head into the studio this summer and begin recording my third album Coming Alive.

As always it’s such a honor and pleasure to share this journey with you. Thank you for your ongoing support and love. I look forward to seeing you this summer!

The Voice! Turning rejection into Inspiration



     As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago I flew to Las Vegas to audition for the television show The Voice. It was quite a spontaneous decision but I figured, hey it’s a new year, I’ve got nothing to lose, and I love to allow my curiosity to be my guiding compass.

I can honestly say I totally rocked my audition! I sang Nina Simone’s Feeling Good and I embodied it on every level. I brought so much heart, soul and unique style, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! But alas, I was not selected to advance. I truly thought I had a very good chance of making it to the televised competition and was most excited for the opportunity to gain exposure and sing for such a large audience. The disappointment I felt wasn’t so much about not making the show exactly, but rather it was a feeling of dissatisfaction from my stifled creative potential, because the truth is:


I will tell you that in the weeks that followed the audition I found myself feeling pretty depressed. I was experiencing daily bouts of frustration and irritation that my “efforts” weren’t paying off, or so it seemed at the time. I was really questioning, “How am I supposed to figure out how to fulfill my life’s purpose and be successful?!”

And then it came…the answer

I’m not.

I don’t need to know the HOW as long as I AM crystal clear on the WHY.

My work is to stay in the frequency of love & gratitude. To practice patience and have faith even when things don’t make sense. Easier said than done for sure! Every peak and valley becomes the music and the stories that I tell with my voice. Authentic expression comes from the entire spectrum and so I am grateful for everything that has transpired up to this point. Rejection makes the victories even sweeter and I completely trust that when some doors close, many others open.

A wonderful thing happened last week as I was performing for travelers at the Sea-Tac International Airport. When I first arrived I’ll admit I was tired, uninspired and annoyed with security. As I sang the first note of the sound check I was so struck by the pure joy and healing power of music and how lucky I am to get to sing, that it literally pulled me out of my funk immediately.
Within minutes the busy thoroughfare was transformed to a concert hall where surprised passerby’s would pause and take a moment to receive what I was putting out. I had an amazing day and was reminded that getting to share a gift that makes people smile, dance and get teary eyed is all the affirmation I need. I AM on the right track!

Success means showing up and taking chances
Success means not letting fear stop you in your tracks
Success means stretching and evolving
Success means falling down and getting up again
Success means creating a life on our own terms
Success means……whatever we determine it to mean for us

This creative, artistic walk comes with a lot of emotional up and downs, rejection, judgement and vulnerability…but also brings with it so many beautiful experiences, connections and surprises. It’s all part of my story and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Have you heard the latest single yet?

Have you heard the latest single yet?

100% of the proceeds from the sale of WE ARE ONE will be donated to an organization called the Unstoppable Foundation. This foundation is working to eradicate poverty in Kenya, Liberia an Uganda through education, access to clean water and sanitation, health care, nutrition and job skills training for the adults of the communities. They work within villages one at a time, implementing these basic pillars and creating sustainable solutions so villagers can ultimately rise out of poverty and build better futures for generations to come. Your purchase of the song will translate into a direct donation, plus you will get an amazing song to listen to! 

With so many people in need and thousands of causes that could use support, WHY the Unstoppable Foundation?
I chose this particular organization because it encompasses so many of my core values into its mission and methods. I am very passionate about personal empowerment and believe that education, human rights, sustainability, health, wellness, clean water and food is an essential foundation in which to build a life of independence, strength and freedom upon. Last Spring when I was on tour in Hawaii I had this very special song come through while on the beach in Maui. It was one of those very potent and rare moments where it feels as though there is this song just spiraling around me and my only job is to be present and receive it. Not only did WE ARE ONE seek me out, it was delivered with what felt like very clear instructions to use it as a platform to raise awareness and money for causes beyond music. I believe that music alone has the power to impact and uplift peoples lives, but the more I realized how many people in the world are suffering from a lack of basic human necessities….I knew I needed to do more. There is no question that many people in the world are in need, and I feel that as a privileged woman I have a responsibility to do something impactful to contribute to the healing of this planet. Thank you for supporting this musical mission!!! Though it may seem like a small drop in the bucket, even the smallest drop can create a ripple!!!