With the support of some very beautiful fans and a successful crowdfunding campaign, Sarah Christine released her third full length album entitled Time To Shine August 2019 produced by Martin Feveyear. Time To Shine is a collection of songs that speaks directly to the listeners Soul. It’s a loving wake up call reminding us how powerful we are and that RIGHT NOW is the time to step fully into living our purpose, pursuing our dreams and sharing our gifts with the world. WE are the change we’ve been seeking and each one of us has something unique and valuable to contribute to the healing of humanity and the planet.



100% of the proceeds from the sale of We Are One are being donated to an organization called the Unstoppable Foundation. This non-profit organization is working to eradicate poverty in Kenya, Liberia an Uganda through education, access to clean water and sanitation, health care, nutrition and job skills training for the adults of the communities. They work within villages one at a time, implementing these basic pillars and creating sustainable solutions so villagers can ultimately rise out of poverty and build better futures for generations to come. Your purchase of the song will translate into a direct donation, plus you will get an amazing song to listen to!
With so many people in need and thousands of causes that could use support, WHY the Unstoppable Foundation?
I chose this particular organization because it encompasses so many of my core values into its mission and methods. I am very passionate about personal empowerment and believe that education, human rights, sustainability, health, wellness, clean water and food is an essential foundation in which to build a life of independence, strength and freedom upon.
Spring 2016 when I was on tour in Hawaii I had this very special song come through while on the beach in Maui. It was one of those very potent and rare moments where it feels as though there is this song just spiraling around me and my only job is to be present and receive it. Not only did We Are One seek me out, it was delivered with what felt like very clear instructions to use it as a platform to raise awareness and money for causes beyond music. I believe that music alone has the power to impact and uplift peoples lives, but the more I realized how many people in the world are suffering from a lack of basic human necessities….I knew I needed to do more. There is no question that many people in the world are in need, and I feel that as a privileged woman I have a responsibility to do something impactful to contribute to the healing of this planet. Thank you for supporting this musical mission!!! Though it may seem like a small drop in the bucket, even the smallest drop can create a ripple!!! Thanks to your donations, so far WE have raised over $500. Learn more at


Sarah Christine’s 2015 release WHATEVER IT TAKES is a collection of raw and intimate solo acoustic tunes recorded at the beautiful RainMoonSun Sanctuary on Vashon Island, WA. The songs are a snapshot into Sarah Christine’s life with deeply reflective tracks about determination and motherhood in Whatever it Takes and 27 Moons. She also takes the listener on a journey into the forest and waters edge on tracks By the Sea and Believe. The album features fresh versions of early tunes such as I Like, Freedom and Angels in Disguise which were written at the beginning of her songwriting career over 15 years ago. The freshest song to make the album is called Be the Change which was inspired after an exhilarating performance with Michael Franti. In a conversation back stage he explained that he and his wife Sara’s his life mantra is BE, SERVE, ROCK! Be the best version of yourself everyday and the change you wish to see, Serve the world with your gifts and Rock your life! Sarah immediately resonated with the message and the song was born.







                                          LISTEN BELOW


FREE FROM FEAR  is an uplifting and positive musical tapestry which combines deep conscious lyrics and rich honey vocals with the sounds of Reggae, R&B and Soul. The music is a celebration of life and an expression of gratitude for the power and potential that we all hold within.

Free From Fear began as a chorus to a song and transformed into a personal mission. When I set out to record the single it started as an experiment to see what could happen if actually started taking action in the direction of my dreams. It ended up becoming my daily mantra and declaration! FREE FROM FEAR, LOVE WILL MAKE THINGS CLEAR. Through taking the first step I decided it was time to let go of my fear of putting myself out in the world. It was time to make my album. I truly believe that everyday we have the choice to choose how we walk and create our lives. We can choose the path of fear, or we can choose the path of LOVE. There will always be obstacles, which present the best learning opportunities. Love reveals our path and opens doors. Its not easy to make our dreams reality, it takes a lot of work, sacrifice, focus and follow through..But the satisfaction of going for it full throttle will definitely out shine any feelings of regret and doubt that fear based decision making will indeed lead us to. The songs on the album are personal testaments to the power of faith and trusting in the wisdom of the heart and soul












1 thought on “MEDIA

  1. Your “Time to Shine” CD is a great call and gathering of souls to come forward now in this time of National division & exclusion. Here is my review.
    The songs, the arrangement s and delivery are excellent. The listener is taken on a journey of Hip-hop (Rap), Ragge, Country, & Gospel infused music all delivered in your smooth soulful rhythmical voice that I come to love.
    Thank You for this truly awesome work.

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