Feb. 23rd SIP Wine Bar, Issaquah WA 6-9 No cover, All ages siprestaurant

March 8th ~ Boardwalk Pub at Microsoft Commons Redmond, WA 5:00-7:00pm No Cover



November 18th-20th Wealthy Goddess LIVE Retreat, Bacara Resort ~ Santa Barbara CA

Jan 27th ~ Doe Bay Resort Orcas Island, WA 7-9pm No Cover

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  1. Sarah,have only heard you at the market. I’m the one who falls apart when you sing”0ver the rainbow”. You truly did give me back my memory of words and the ability to sing again. For that, I will be eternally great full. Just why your voice
    penetrated my brain damage is a mystery but For some reason it worked and I thank you. Keep making music. Maybe I’ll see you at the market again. And keep trying to record Rainbow, please.

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