Ewww! Business Woman?? But I’m an artist….


Hello Beautiful Souls, 

     I have arrived at new place within myself and it feels so good that I want to share with you where I’m at. I’m not going to get too much into the old story but let me just tell you a bit of how it used to be so you get where I’m coming from.

I have worn a lot of hats over the years (mother, wife, teacher, doula, barista, chef and of course musician) but in all those years I have never really embraced the idea of being a ‘business’ woman because I thought it would clip my wings and hinder my creative impulses.

 I AM a Spiritual Creative Artist!

     I flow with the spontaneous rhythm of life – So the thought of running a business just felt like…ewww, kind of gross!

     The structures, systems and discipline was major turn off, and honestly I didn’t think I had it in me. I knew I could learn the tools or skills necessary to scrape by but those things are not going to be very effective or successful at all without implementation. And that was where I constantly fell short…because I was an expert on self sabotage. 

     I put so much mental energy into the resistance of growing that part of myself that it just kept me stagnant. Not only that…but my resistance was blocking my creative and financial flow while keeping me from sharing my gifts and reaching my people.

But that when then and this is now!




I have decided to be done with that old mindset and to let go of my previously limited beliefs about business!

I am reclaiming my voice & I declare that

* I fully love & embrace my business woman


*I love the freedom & joy I experience by working for myself

*I love creating music that makes people feel good


*I love helping people empower their voices


*I choose to show up for my mission consistently


*I stand with strength & integrity for my brand because


I AM my brand 

*Marketing is a fun way to share my joy 


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