“Sarah’s music allows me to go inward. Her messages are profound, pure God-Consciousness. Her lyrics touch my soul! She is an intuitive, gifted songwriter that speaks to the soul of a woman entrepreneur. I am strengthened by her music. I am inspired to go boldly in the world and BE me!”                                                                              Cyndi Padella http://www.gaintheedgenow.com


“Listening to Sarah Christine’s soulful music inspires me to sing along out loud and incorporate her uplifting messages in my psyche; which translates into my day and my life.” Dr. Ivy Margulies


“Sarah Christine’s music brings me to tears as her voice and songs touch both the wounded and tender places in my heart and also the places where my unbirthed dreams live. She brings light, love, healing and hope to every cell of my being. Her voice and songs inspire and empower me to remember and know that all things are possible and that I AM Divine! As I sing along with her, I have no doubt that I am awakening and actually creating whatever it is that I desire. I am grateful for her presence and gifts to the planet, she is a blessing to this world…Words are not enough!” Janet Hessnae-Resuk                                   

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