Time to Shine reviews!

I have to tell you that it has been truly wonderful receiving so many messages and love notes these past couple of months regarding the new album. Thank you!

What people are saying about Time to Shine…

“First time I listened it brought me to tears! Your voice is so beautiful and your lyrics reach right through to my heart!”

“You always deliver such a soulful and powerful message. Radiating healing, loving light and inspiration to live without fear and to strive to be the best you can be.” Jessica B.

“I absolutely love the CD, The songs are truly wonderful and uplifting. You have such a beautiful voice. Every song on the CD just flows with theme Time to Shine. Remarkable work!”
Mark B

“I SO love this album!! It brightens my day, every day!
Seriously, your music and lyrics carry me through these days.”
Dyanna L.

“I just want you to know that your CD is amazing! Thank you for your vulnerability and beautiful lyrics!
Jennevieve A.

Have you had a chance to listen yet?
I’d love to hear what YOU have to say!
Time to Shine is available for streaming and download on all major platforms

CDbaby (physical CD’s & downloads)

iTunes Spotify Youtube

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