Sarah Christine is a visionary songwriter & soulful siren with a deep desire to facilitate connection and healing on the planet through music. Her warm honey voice and high vibrational lyrics beckon the listener inward, stimulating awakening and empowerment. Drawing inspiration from Soul, Reggae, R&B and Gospel, she tastefully weaves the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar over world infused rhythms, creating uplifting musical experiences that ignite the senses and penetrates the soul. 

     Nestled in the peace and tranquility of the Pacific Northwest, Sarah Christine has called Vashon Island, WA home for the past 20 years. She is a wife, mother of three, avid gardner, vegan and activist who has also worked as a labor support doula welcoming over 50 babies into the world with song. Her love of travel and music has lead her all along the West Coast, as well as to Hawaii, Jamaica, China and most recently Bali where she teamed up with Michael Franti at his retreat center Soulshine. Exploring the world with music at the forefront is dream come true. 

     Sarah Christine has been blessed to share the stage with some of her favorite artists such as Michael Franti, Mike Love, Prezident Brown, Clinton Fearon, Saritah, Publish The Quest, Warrior King, Shimshai and more. She has been featured at numerous festivals and venues including: Northwest Folklife Festival, Conscious Culture Festival, True Nature Yoga Fest, Northwest Roots Festival, Wealthy Goddess Live, Jazzbones, Nectar Lounge, Columbia City Theater, Breitenbush Retreat Center and Triple Door Main Stage.

     Sarah Christine is currently recording her third full album due to be released Spring 2018! 

     For the past several years she has held a regular gig performing at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where she gets to bring light and love into an otherwise stale environment. While Sarahnading there, she has caught the attention of the legendary Stevie Wonder as well as the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

     2016 marked the release of her first full length music video BY THE SEA, which was filmed entirely on Vashon Island by Jacob Bain, Colin Brynn & Jon Glassman. Followed up by her latest single WE ARE ONE which is an anthem of unity consciousness & love. Sarah Christine is donating 100% of all the proceeds from WE ARE ONE to a non-profit organization called the Unstoppable Foundation that is working to create sustainable solutions to the poverty epidemic in Kenya, Liberia & Uganda. Through education, clean water, healthcare, nutrition and income training, this foundation is helping to change lives everyday. 

     In March 2015 Sarah Christine released her second album WHATEVER IT TAKES which is an intimate collection of solo acoustic originals recorded at her home at RainMoonSun Sanctuary by Jacob Bain.

     In January 2013 Sarah Christine released her self produced debut album FREE FROM FEAR which was the launching point for her to begin truly living her purpose. The album features some of Seattle’s top musicians such as Clinton Fearon, Jacob Bain, Jeff Demelle, Davee C Carpenter, Jason Staczek, and Brian Stingshark which infuse the record with a fresh, soulful and intoxicating sound that pairs perfectly with the singers rich honey voice and thought provoking lyrics.


     “Sarah Christine’s music calls every cell in your body to awaken to the truth that we are all connected to each other, the plants, and to source. In that knowing is the possibility that we can have, be and do all that our soul is longing for. It is an invitation to choose our highest selves.”  Julie Foucht –


Sarah Christine’s latest release WHATEVER IT TAKES is a collection of raw and intimate solo acoustic tunes recorded at the beautiful RainMoonSun Sanctuary on Vashon Island. The songs are a snapshot into Sarah Christine’s life with deeply reflective tracks about determination and motherhood in Whatever it Takes and 27 Moons. She also takes the listener on a journey into the forest and waters edge on tracks By the Sea and Believe. The album features fresh versions of early tunes such as I Like, Freedom and Angels in Disguise which were written at the beginning of her songwriting career.  Finally the newest song to make the album is called Be the Change which was inspired by her recent performance with Michael Franti. In a conversation back stage he explained that his life mantra is BE, SERVE, ROCK! She let that idea sink in and wrote a song about it.


FREE FROM FEAR  is an uplifting and positive musical tapestry which combines deep conscious lyrics and rich honey vocals with the sounds of Reggae, R&B and Soul. The music is a celebration of life and an expression of gratitude for the power and potential that we all hold within.

Free From Fear began as a chorus to a song and transformed into a personal mission. When I set out to record the single it started as an experiment to see what could happen if actually started taking action in the direction of my dreams. It ended up becoming my daily mantra and declaration! FREE FROM FEAR, LOVE WILL MAKE THINGS CLEAR. Through taking the first step I decided it was time to let go of my fear of putting myself out in the world. It was time to make my album. I truly believe that everyday we have the choice to choose how we walk and create our lives. We can choose the path of fear, or we can choose the path of LOVE. There will always be obstacles, which present the best learning opportunities. Love reveals our path and opens doors. Its not easy to make our dreams reality, it takes a lot of work, sacrifice, focus and follow through..But the satisfaction of going for it full throttle will definitely out shine any feelings of regret and doubt that fear based decision making will indeed lead us to. The songs on the album are personal testaments to the power of faith and trusting in the wisdom of the heart and soul


“Sarah’s music allows me to go inward. Her messages are profound, pure God-Consciousness. Her lyrics touch my soul! She is an intuitive, gifted songwriter that speaks to the soul of a woman entrepreneur. I am strengthened by her music. I am inspired to go boldly in the world and BE me!”                                                                              Cyndi Padella

“Listening to Sarah Christine’s soulful music inspires me to sing along out loud and incorporate her uplifting messages in my psyche; which translates into my day and my life.” Dr. Ivy Margulies

“Sarah Christine’s music brings me to tears as her voice and songs touch both the wounded and tender places in my heart and also the places where my unbirthed dreams live. She brings light, love, healing and hope to every cell of my being. Her voice and songs inspire and empower me to remember and know that all things are possible and that I AM Divine! As I sing along with her, I have no doubt that I am awakening and actually creating whatever it is that I desire. I am grateful for her presence and gifts to the planet, she is a blessing to this world…Words are not enough!” Janet Hessnae-Resuk                                   


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  1. Your voice is pure beauty and joy. I heard you sing at Seattle Airport as I was going back home to Hartland Michigan. Your first attempt at singing “The Rose” nearly brought me to tears; it is a song that moves me very deeply from the life of Janis Joplin. The movie was very sad and it was a great lose to my generation. Bette Midler sang the song beautifully. Your rendition was as sweet with a soulful lilt. I will look forward to listening to this album.
    Thank you for bringing such joy to my ears.

  2. I have had the intense pleasure of listening to you twice at Lakewood,quite by played “over the rainboow” and due to traumatic brain injury,until I heard you, I was unable to remember the words or the melody. I walked thru that market sobbing and singing and thanked for my miracle. You were meant for me to hear ,that.2 weeks later,there you were and you dedicated that song to me. Made it to the car before before really thanking the universe for finding you. Hope you continue to touch people as you have touched me. And I still want you to record that song!
    Love,prayers and a lifetime of giving to others. Thank you. Julie Ward

  3. I’m one of many lucky people who get to hear her at SEATAC international airport frequently. It’s always a exciting to get to see her on stage. She entrances us with her spirit soaring voice and hopeful lyrics. She gives us songs that inspire the dreamer in us to see the world her way, a better way!

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