Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah ~ LIVE at Sea-Tac International Airport




Sarah Christine’s latest release WHATEVER IT TAKES is a collection of raw and intimate solo acoustic tunes recorded at the beautiful RainMoonSun Sanctuary on Vashon Island. The songs are a snapshot into Sarah Christine’s life with deeply reflective tracks about determination and motherhood in Whatever it Takes and 27 Moons. She also takes the listener on a journey into the forest and waters edge on tracks By the Sea and Believe. The album features fresh versions of early tunes such as I Like, Freedom and Angels in Disguise which were written at the beginning of her songwriting career.  Finally the newest song to make the album is called Be the Change which was inspired by her recent performance with Michael Franti. In a conversation back stage he explained that his life mantra is BE, SERVE, ROCK! She let that idea sink in and wrote a song about it.



FREE FROM FEAR  is an uplifting and positive musical tapestry which combines deep conscious lyrics and rich honey vocals with the sounds of Reggae, R&B and Soul. The music is a celebration of life and an expression of gratitude for the power and potential that we all hold within.

Free From Fear began as a chorus to a song and transformed into a personal mission. When I set out to record the single it started as an experiment to see what could happen if actually started taking action in the direction of my dreams. It ended up becoming my daily mantra and declaration! FREE FROM FEAR, LOVE WILL MAKE THINGS CLEAR. Through taking the first step I decided it was time to let go of my fear of putting myself out in the world. It was time to make my album. I truly believe that everyday we have the choice to choose how we walk and create our lives. We can choose the path of fear, or we can choose the path of LOVE. There will always be obstacles, which present the best learning opportunities. Love reveals our path and opens doors. Its not easy to make our dreams reality, it takes a lot of work, sacrifice, focus and follow through..But the satisfaction of going for it full throttle will definitely out shine any feelings of regret and doubt that fear based decision making will indeed lead us to. The songs on the album are personal testaments to the power of faith and trusting in the wisdom of the heart and soul

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  1. Sarah,

    Can’t say in words how much your music touches me. Look forward to seeing you live again! You are magical and so talented! Much love light and laughter!

  2. Sarah, I am so blessed to have unexpectedly met you today at SeaTac, and to be soothed by your songgs from the heart. Thank you! Warmly, Ron

  3. Sarah,
    It was really amazing meeting you today. As the courtesy person pushed me along in the wheelchair, I heard a sweet angel singing. I just had a terrible week finding out I’m not healing well and may be permanently handicapped. Your songs warmed my heart . Thank you

  4. I am sitting in the airport about 10 feet away from you. Woooo !!!! This is the best part of my business trip. You voice is sweet and floweeeee and your soul projects your inner light so well. It is a true pleasure to hear you and your stories . Truly lovely!
    God Bless, Wooooo !!!!

  5. I listened your live the day before yesterday at Seattle airport. and i said you are amazing! yeah, your voice is amazing and music is beautiful..!
    i’m so moved and touched, i’m also a musician in Korea. and if i have chanced to meet you again, i want to play piano with your voice and guitar. keep singing girl!

  6. Just meet you at the Seattle airport, such such a sweet soul you are. Never had a better time for my ears in the airport! Thank you for sharing your talent and making our day. We WILL be finding one of your shows to see!!! Could have talked to you forever.

    Much Aloha!

    Keep those shoes off and stay connected to this amazing earth 🙏🏽

  7. Sarah,
    I love your CD. Every single song is awesome! Very cool reggae and I like your R&B as well. Very hip lyrics too. Just listened to the whole album, twice. Next time I’m at SEATAC I will pick up your other CD.

  8. A cheerful heart worketh good like a medicine. And your music is doing just that for me every day Sarah. Your good heart comes through in your music and makes mine feel better. Can’t wait to get your next album. 🙂

  9. Even though I loved your music the first time I listened to it, I love it even more the more I listen to it. You are truly a talented soulful siren with an awesome background vocalist, a delightfully funky bassist and a super hip drummer.

  10. Hello Sarah,

    I first met/heard your music at the SeaTac on my way to Miami, for July 4th weekend. It was brilliant. Got myself copies of your albums; best decisions I’ve made recently. Definitely checking out your next tour. Keep it up.

  11. Hi Sarah,
    It was an honor to meet you at the Sea-Tac airport yesterday. I have been enjoying your new album immensely since I have gotten home. Best wishes and regards!

  12. Listening to you right now in Sea-Tac!!! You are amazing!! If you are ever performing in Cincinnati I will make sure to bring out everyone I know!!

  13. Sarah, Thank you for your positive lyrics today at Seatac. I really needed to hear that today. Keep spreading your positive energy and beautiful voice! -Cindy

  14. Caught you briefly today at Seatac – your crystal clear voice cut right through the hubbub of the airport. So beautiful I bought two of your albums and downloaded them for my trip to Europe.

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