Who does SHE think she is?


Hey friends!

I hope you are well and thriving. I’ve been in deep hibernation mode this Winter and even gave myself a break from social media for an entire month. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!  It felt SO good to focus my attention and energy on life happening in real time and be completely present with my family, well being and recording. Signs of Spring are quietly emerging and things in the musical realm are quickly beginning to pick up momentum. As the completion of the recording process is beginning to come into view, I’m preparing myself for the wave of activity soon to follow. So you’ll be hearing a lot more from me with news about the first single, music video, new album and a completely fresh website!! I recently had the opportunity to do an interview with amazing people over at Vashon Events. The experience gave me some great self reflection and also helped me to dig deeper into my own story. I discovered how much easier it is to talk about myself when I’m answering questions and how much I really enjoy being interviewed! If you want to peek into my world and get to know me better, Read the full interview HERE.

Thank you for all your ongoing love and support!
Sarah Christine

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