My songs are going to be in Movie!


Hello Beautiful Friends,

There is so much to celebrate and be grateful for!
LIFE is an incredible blessing and each day is new opportunity to share our gifts with the world. WE are ALL needed in this time to rise up and fully express our Souls divine purpose. Let us use the rage and disgust we are feeling and transform it into fuel. Fuel that will ignite into flames, burning away the old paradigm of wicked ways. Fuel to reclaim our voices, speak our truth and make empowered choices. It is time to harness the power within and allow LOVE to take over so the healing can begin.

     I’m currently on day 4 of a 10 day superfood cleanse and health transformation. With Winter just around the corner I want to get a jumpstart on optimizing my nutritional intake while giving myself a break from some of my not so nourishing habits (coffee & wine specifically)
Health is truly wealth and I definitely perform my best every aspect of life when I make empowered choices as to what I put into my mouth. I’m visualizing this next year to be full of opportunities to travel and share this new album so I want to be as prepared as best I can physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
I love quote by author Elizebeth Gilbert who says
Creativity is not just a gift to the audience, creativity is gift to the Creator” This music that I channel is so much bigger than me and I’m here to contribute my voice to the healing that is so needed in these times. I’m SO ready to take this gift out into the world in a BIG way and am laying the foundation and intentions now for more energy and vitality because I’m going to need it.

*In case you missed it I wanted to share some exciting news. I just landed my first licensing deal for my tunes FREE FROM FEAR and BELIEVE to be featured in a movie that will be on the film festival circuit both nationally and internationally! I’ll give you more info as it becomes available to me.

It’s almost time for WEALTHY GODDESS LIVE!!!  I’m SO honored and excited for the opportunity to be the featured musician once again at this highly transformational, empowering women’s event in San Diego, CA November 12-14th. Sisters if you are feeling called to join us for this life-altering retreat there a just a few spots remaining and registration closes this week! Learn more HERE

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