Amazing August

Hello Friends,
     I am having the most amazing Summer and I hope you are too. We’ve had glorious weather here in the Pacific Northwest (minus the smokey air from the fires) and just like the flowers…I feel like I bloom when the sun shines!
It’s been non-stop fun with road trips, house guests, boating on the Salish Sea, concerts and long days in the studio! The first single from the upcoming album is almost ready to share. My dear friend, artist and videographer Jacob Bain is putting together a beautiful and visually compelling music video to accompany the tune COMING ALIVE. I’m SO excited to share it with you soon!
I feel that with the magnitude of my dreams to travel the world sharing this music and message it is absolutely essential that I put my health and well being first…otherwise I couldn’t possibly sustain it all.  Health is truly wealth and is one of the best investments we can make.
Several months ago a close friend of mine introduced my family and I to revolutionary company specializing in foundational nutrition through organic, non-gmo, vegan superfoods and CBD. We’ve all experienced such incredible transformations with our health and vitality including weight loss, improved digestion, deeper sleep, increased energy and heightened mental clarity that I’ve decided to partner with this amazing company! If you are interested in learning more, drop me an email and I’ll send you some information along with a $50 gift card!

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