Hello Spring!

Hello Friends,
     Yay, Spring is here! Birds, sunshine, flowers, stars and all the sweet scents and signs of life emerging! I’m so happy to have finally turned the corner and be able to say “thank you” and “farewell” to yet another Pacific Northwest Winter. I’ve been working steadily and making exciting progress on the new record. Last week we recorded all the drum tracks at Earwig studio in Seattle. All of which were masterfully performed by Grant Schroff, an absolutely amazing, ultra talented drummer, composer and truly great person who I met years ago when we attended Cornish College of the Arts here in Seattle. I’m in total awe and gratitude at the professionalism and high caliber of musicians who are blessing this album!  Still many more to come…It’s all unfolding beautifully and is completely blowing my heart wide open!

Studio Crew: Grant Schroff (drums) , Me (vocals, guitar, piano) Alex George (bass), Martin Feveryear (producer, engineer)
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