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Hello Beautiful Friends,

Happy New Year and blessings on your upcoming year ahead! It has been such a honor and pleasure to share this journey with you and I am very excited for what is to come with this new cycle. 
Thank you for your ongoing support and love. I am grateful to do this work and am looking forward to many more wonderful opportunities to spread the music and the message!

Highlights from 2017
I flew to Las Vegas and auditioned for the TV show The Voice! Even though I was not chosen to advance, I know I rocked it and am proud that I took a chance.
I traveled to New York for the first time and sang on Broadway! Watch video HERE
I spent 3 incredible weeks in Bali with my amazing daughters!
I taught Michael Franti one of my songs and performed with him, also in Bali!
I traveled to Santa Barbara to share my music medicine at a powerful women’s retreat on the ocean! 
     2018 is off to a great start as I have broken ground on my new album project due out this Spring. I am absolutely thrilled to share this new music with you!
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