Change begins with us


“Millions of fibers connect us to our fellow human beings, and our actions connect us via these fibers to all others on the planet. When you cultivate an attitude of gratitude and generosity, you will find yourself wanting to be in the service of others.”   Wayne Dyer

Hello and welcome new friends,

Last year I released a new song called We Are One. My intention for creating and recording this song was to be able to give back with my music in a way that I had not yet done. I chose a non-profit organization called The Unstoppable Foundation to donate 100% of the songs proceeds to. I was drawn to support this particular cause because it aligns with my core values of empowerment and education.

The Unstoppable Foundation has a 5-pillar development model that builds schools in villages of Kenya, Liberia and Uganda, and also provides the community with access to clean water & sanitation, food & nutrition, healthcare and empowerment & income training for parents so the whole community becomes self-sustaining. So far with your support WE have raised over $400 dollars for the Olmusereji community in Kenya.
For more info on the wonderful work this organization is doing visit 

It may not seem like much money yet but it is a start and I believe there is a lot of power in our intentions that can build momentum and open doors.
To help generate more visibility and get the message of We Are One into the world, I will be filming a music video this winter to accompany the song.  As more of us are waking up, my prayer is that we can harness the power and uniqueness of our gifts and contribute them to create a world which honors all life.
We are connected to one another, to the earth and to all living things. Change begins with each of us!
WE ARE ONE ~ Listen & Purchase Song HERE

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