Singing with Michael Franti in Bali & NYC debut!

Greetings and love friends,

     It certainly has been awhile since I’ve reached out. I hope you are doing well and enjoying these beautiful late Spring days. I’ve had quite a memorable past few months which included my first trip to New York City where I got to make my Broadway debut at Birdland Jazz Club! I was accompanied by Tony Bennetts master piano player and performed Nina Simones “Feeling Good” to a packed house. You can watch the live video HERE
I absolutely loved feeling the pulse and energy of the city and was so inspired by the dynamic street artists and late night underground music scene. A week in NYC definitely gets the creative juices flowing! 

     In May I flew to Bali to meet up with my gorgeous daughters who have been traveling around Southeast Asia for the past 5 months. On my way over I ran into Michael Franti at the airport in Taiwan. What an awesome surprise! We got to hang out and chat it up while awaiting to board our flight. He invited my daughters and I to visit Soulshine, his retreat center in Ubud, and attend his intimate outdoor concert. I was also blessed with the opportunity to teach him one of my songs (Why Worry) and perform with him!

After a week in Ubud, we headed to the Gili Air which is a tiny little island off the coast of Lombok.
The water is intoxicatingly clear, warm and divine, the cuisine is so fresh and nourishing, the air so fragrant and sweet, the people were so kind and sincere.
Oh and the birds…like a choir of angels singing every morning!
And the sunsets…mind blowing!
The massages…aahhh!
Oh, and the coconuts…heavenly nectar!

I completely fell in love with Bali, the Gili Islands and can’t wait to return.
I’m so grateful to get to experience so much goodness, abundance and soulfood!

These wonderful experiences have given me so much inspiration and gratitude which I’ve been pouring into my writing. Feeling excited and very ready to head into the studio this summer and begin recording my third album Coming Alive.

As always it’s such a honor and pleasure to share this journey with you. Thank you for your ongoing support and love. I look forward to seeing you this summer!

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