Hallelujah & the Power of repetition…

     You know that feeling when you get a song stuck on repeat in your head?…And the more you try to forget it, the more it continues to play over and over again and over again!

Music has an incredibly powerful way of getting into our subconscious, whether we even realize it or not. Pop music in particular is written with an ingredient that we all have experienced…it’s called REPETITION!

Sometimes that’s a great thing, especially if its a lyric that we really enjoy hearing and singing along with, (click HERE to watch my rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on Facebook Live at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)
but other times even the cheesiest or most distasteful chorus ever, can somehow manage to embed itself into our memory. You know what I’m talking about right?

Just as these hooky choruses can become trapped in our heads…the same is also true for Mantra’s and Affirmations. Mantra’s and Affirmations are those short, positive and uplifting phrases that use the same principle of REPETITION but with different intentionality, lyrical content, and awareness.

Positive Affirmations act as magnets to draw abundance, prosperity & creativity into our lives!


Because the more you repeat an affirmation, the more it begins to repeat itself within you and absorbs into the subconscious mind, creating deep cellular level transformation! It’s actually been proven by science!

Here’s another way to look at it…

     As you probably know sound waves are vibrations and we are made almost entirely of water. So consider that when we listen to music our entire bodies vibrate in response, which is why we can literally feel the effects that music has in our bodies. Sometimes we are moved to tears, triggered by a memory or even made to feel anger or frustration that results in tension and anxiousness…all depending on the type of music of course. 

     Which is also a big reason that I am very particular about what kinds of sounds I allow into my awareness. I know there are times when we don’t have a choice, especially in public places…(unless we’ve got headphones in) but when I’m in my car and most definitely at home, I’m adamant about surrounding myself with music, lyrics and sounds that are uplifting, positive and inspiring!

Music is an essential part of my daily wellness routine and something I use to keep me focused, grounded and connected!

Some of my favorite lyrics from my song Why Worry are “Thoughts create reality, maintain a higher frequency and focus on the positive.”

What we think and how we choose to respond to our environment is entirely up to us!

So what kinds of influences are you allowing in?
What types of messages, sounds, and music are you exposing yourself to as you prepare for your day?

What if the music you listened to and sang along with actually spoke to YOU personally on a deeper cellular level?!

     I am SO excited to reveal to you a totally new and revolutionary offering that has been stretching my comfort zone big time!!!

Curious yet? 

It’s ALMOST time….So stay tuned as I will be sharing more with you very very SOON!

THANK YOU so much for your ongoing support along this musical path! I am honored to share this journey with you!

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