Arizona Prayerformances

Whoa…the energy and beauty of Sedona has been opening and unfolding me in so many ways. Spent the past four days in retreat singing, drumming, praying, declaring intention and preparing to birth the next wave of creativity. I’ve heard it said that the vortexes here have the power to amplify our intentions…So I am declaring with more clarity and commitment to be in service to the healing and upliftment to our planet by utilizing my gifts and fulfilling my purpose. I’m embracing all parts of myself and authentically expressing the dark and the light!

I’ll be offering 2 Prayerformances in Arizona ~

Friday night Sept 30th @ ChocolaTree organic cafe Sedona, AZ 6:30-8pm

Saturday night Oct 1st Firecreek Coffee Co. Flagstaff AZ  All are welcome


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