Triple Door MainStage July 18th! Plus Sounden Voice Empowerment journey July 15th!

Hello Beautiful People,

     I’m feeling so grateful and excited for all the wonderful opportunities to share my musical medicine this month. July is shaping up to be quite full with new experiences, inspiration and lessons that continually stretch me to find balance in all that I do. I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to perform at my all time favorite music venue in Seattle for the very first time, The Triple Door MainStage on July 18th!!  I’ll be doing a solo acoustic opening set to warm up the room for International touring artist Francesca Blanchard. I have had this place on my performing wish list for years and am so looking forward to singing in such a high caliber concert venue!
     This month I’m also again offering Sounden, a guided group voice empowerment journey. The transformational experience takes place in a magical yurt nestled in the heart of Vashon Island. 

     I want to thank each of you for being a part of this sacred musical journey with me and sincerely appreciate your love and support along the path. I look forward to sharing more as the story unfolds. 

Take good care and keep nurturing your dreams,

Sarah Christine

Sound ~ The Primordial vibration of creation

Den ~ A warm hollow in the Earth where you gather with family = SOUNDEN

Our voice puts thoughts into creative motion. We attract, inform, request, demand and communicate our desires through the use of sound and vibration. Join us in a magical yurt nestled in the heart of Vashon Island to reclaim and empower your amazing authentic voice. I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible experience with you. Next gathering July 15th. More info and ticket link at

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