New single is here ~ WE ARE ONE


The more we give, the more we receive. Not just in terms of money, but in connection, meaning, joy and purpose. Our lives are made so much richer by the ways in which we impact the lives of others. For me, music has always been a sacred and healing medicine, one that fills me up with inspiration and creates within me a feeling of alignment with something much bigger than myself.

I have heard the calling of my soul to be more intentional and effective with my gift as a musician and songwriter. Which is why I have chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds from my upcoming new single WE ARE ONE to a non-profit organization called The
The Unstoppable Foundation is working to create sustainable solutions to eradicate poverty through education, access to clean water and sanitation, nutrition, healthcare and income & job skills training to people in Kenya, Liberia and Uganda.

With so many people in need and thousands of causes that could use support, WHY the Unstoppable Foundation?

I chose this particular organization because it encompasses so many of my core values into its mission and methods. I am very passionate about personal empowerment and believe that education, human rights, sustainability, health, wellness, clean water and food is an essential foundation in which to build a life of independence, strength and freedom upon.

I was on a beach in Maui when this song WE ARE ONE came through and I knew instantly that it was intended to be a vehicle for delivering a powerful message and creating change. Though I didn’t totally understand what that even meant at the time. I began compiling a list of my values and the issues that were important to me then I started researching many different charitable causes that I resonated with, but still hadn’t decided which one I should devote my energies to. I took some time to nurture the song and made a plan to begin recording it.

Three days later I was at a conference in Santa Barbara and got to hear the founder behind the Unstoppable Foundation, Cynthia Kersey speak. She shared her heart wrenching stories about her first hand experiences in the villages of Kenya and showed us pictures of the children and families that are so deeply in need of assistance. The video footage and testimonials from mothers, fathers and children had by far the most influential tug on my heart strings. I was struck by how the simple implementation of these basic pillars, or lack there of was having such a drastic impact in the lives of thousands upon thousands.

Here’s what gets me fired up, is that the necessary resources to eradicate poverty and enhance lives are readily available and there is more than plenty to go around for everyone. I see so much wasted food and polluted water in this country alone it make my stomach turn.

I feel a renewed sense of possibility and responsibility to become a part of the solution that I believe is totally within our reach. We each have different ways to contribute and it truly takes a village.

Oh and one more thing…all of the administrative costs for The Unstoppable Foundation are covered by a panel of angel donors, making it so that every donation that comes in from people like you and me, goes directly into the villages in need. Not just a percentage, but ALL of it.
I am inspired to know that I am helping to impact the lives of others by sharing what I love to do, which is creating uplifting and positive music. You can get involved by downloading the song on iTunes and Cdbaby once it’s released on May 4th. You’ll be supporting the music AND becoming another ripple in the movement for change and empowerment!

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