One small drop can create a ripple…

     Have you ever heard the expression that EARTH without art, is just eh? Its true though right? I could never imagine, nor would I ever want to imagine a world without creative expression of any kind. I take my role as an artist very seriously. In fact I feel incredibly honored to be blessed with the gifts of voice, songs, and lyrics which is why I am feeling called to do something bigger and more impactful with this gift.

     Last Spring when I was on tour in Hawaii I had a very special song come through while on the beach in Maui. It was one of those very potent and rare moments where it feels as though there is this song just spiraling around me and my only job is to be present and receive it. The song I’m describing is called WE ARE ONE. Not only did this song seek me out, it was delivered with what felt like very clear instructions to use it as a platform to raise awareness and money for causes beyond music. I believe that music alone has the power to impact and uplift peoples lives, but the more I realized how many people in the world are suffering from a lack of basic human necessities….I knew I needed to do more. There is no question that many people in the world are in need, and I feel that as a privileged woman I have a responsibility to do something more to contribute to the healing of this planet. 

     When it comes to giving to charitable causes I often thought that I would just give more when I had more to give. The truth is, even at my lowest point of having single digits in my bank account, I still have access to an abundance of clean water, food, education, health care and any kind of support I may need. I live in country with countless freedoms and opportunities. I live in a safe community where the threat of war or famine is not a part of my daily reality. Unfortunately there are many places in the world where basic education and access to clean water is either non existent and/or a serious struggle. It doesn’t seem right or fair, especially when there is enough resources available.

     Though it may seem like a small drop in the bucket, even the smallest drop can create a ripple. So I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of WE ARE ONE to an organization called the Unstoppable Foundation. This foundation is working to eradicate poverty in Kenya, Liberia an Uganda through education, access to clean water and sanitation, health care, nutrition and job skills training for the adults of the communities. They work within villages one at a time, implementing these basic pillars and creating sustainable solutions so villagers can ultimately rise out of poverty and build better futures for generations to come. Your purchase of the song will translate into a direct donation, plus you will get an amazing song to listen to! The release date is May 4th and I will be sending out the link here and throughout social media. 


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