The Divine Feminine Way…

This year is off to an incredible start! Just spent 5 glorious days in the beautiful Calliote Canyon in Ojai CA with a tribe of potent women leaders and change agents. There is no question to me that the healing, transformation and balance for the planet in these times is being called forth through living in the Divine Feminine way. The Feminine way honors life and is committed to the greater good for all. The Feminine way is nurturing, compassionate, patient, loving and kind. The Feminine way is intuitive, collaborative and comfortable in the mystery. The old paradigm of greed, competition, scarcity, lack consciousness and fear is an old, worn out illusion. I believe that the collective consciousness is hungry and ready for a major shift, a launch into true freedom, self expression and ease. I believe it is possible! The change we desire truly lies within each of us. We all have a part to play in the greater whole. We all have gifts, talents, passions, visions and ideas that are unique, powerful and imperative to share. These dreams and visions are the seeds that will grow into the next season of healing, abundance and possibility. I’m choosing to say YES to the call, will you join me?

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