Finding Balance

With 3 teenage children, a husband and a career to share my energy with I am aware again and again about balance and sacrifice. Some days it is simply about taking care of the basic needs of my family…making food, doing laundry, paying bills, running errands, tidying up the perpetual mess, being the family organizer and events coordinator… Days like these, I just put my personal interests aside and realize how short the time is that our family of 5 will live together in this way and I savor it as much as possible. Then there are the days when I just let the dishes, laundry and compost pile up while encouraging the family to eat cereal or frozen burritos for dinner. I get into my work zone, writing new material, booking gigs, planning tours…totally surrendering to the flow and won’t  be bothered to let the motivation of a new project or idea be interrupted by the mundane tasks…I have to laugh, let it go and know that tomorrow will probably be different. Im learning to harness the energy of enthusiasm when it presents itself. I am good at carving out time for myself when I feel out of balance and give thanks that I know how to nurture myself. Music and mediation is my Soul’s happy place and I always find rejuvenation and clarity when I allow myself to sink in there. I love the yin and yang of it all.

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