1:27 am reflection…

1:27 am, the house is quiet…I’ve carved out a window of time to sit down and be productive. After the children have gone to bed I  make this time to work on MY hopes and dreams. To reach out in all directions with my cyber octopus tentacles and invisible vibrational frequencies.. Visualizing, Reaching, Praying and Working until the wee morning hours, hoping that something will stick and take hold. this behind the scenes activity, this constant current of thought about what I can possibly do next..What angle I can approach, what stone I can turn. This interesting dance of being creative, artistic, spontaneous.. and yet, the CEO of my music business. The business of networking, branding, visibility and marketability..Still I must remain authentic, positive, soulful and humble..Its a polar opposite world I find myself in constantly, the Yin and Yang that I must balance to make this all flow..To stay true to myself..to be effective. That is my ultimate goal. To be effective!

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