Free From Fear began as a song and transformed into my personal declaration and mantra, giving me the strength to finally pursue a dream that I’ve carried in my heart for so long. As the album release date approaches I will be sharing stories about this incredible journey and all the amazing people and experiences that have accompanied me this far. The actual recording process started roughly two years ago, but the preparation has been in the works way longer. The lessons of growth and expansion continue to unfold and just when I think I may come up for air for a minute the list of ‘to do’s’ gets longer. One big thing I have realized along the way during this process is that no matter how large the bigger picture, dream or goal may be, it all starts with small steps and a willing heart to simply begin. Time and time again Im invited and sometimes forced to revisit just how important FAITH is…So grateful to have the love and support of such amazing family and friends, I wake up each morning and Give Thanks for the new day ~

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