Forward motion


Just announced a few new upcoming shows with many more soon to be added. The CD duplication will begin next week which means several release celebrations are being scheduled for November and December. I will be posting those within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned to see whats coming to your area. Im so grateful to be working with such a great crew of musicians on this journey and am so excited to share the album with you all. I will be blogging more about the album story as we approach the release dates, sure to be entertaining. Thank you all for the amazing support, Im ready to do this!!  Peace & Light ~ SC


About sarahchristinemusic

Sarah Christine is a visionary vocalist and conscious songwriter that delivers uplifting messages of empowerment, positivity and connection. Her original music blends the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar, world infused percussion and high vibrational vocal affirmations to create a musical experience that inspires and penetrates the soul. Sarah Christine's warm honey voice is a soulful siren that invites the listener to align with the Divine essence within each of us. 

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