When it comes to work and productivity, especially when ones work deals in self expression and creativity, I feel that it is more important to give oneself the opportunity and time to spend consciously dreaming and clearly visualizing on what it is that you want to create ~ as it is sitting at the computer composing emails, making calls, writing updates, making plans and filling schedules. These things are no doubt important and there are times when the physical tasks at hand take up so much space in my mind and body that I find myself spending countless hours compiling lists of goals small and large that will hopefully at the end of the day, week, or year(s) feel great to put checks next to. These practices have helped with accomplishing many things and are definitely necessary and indeed essential to productivity. But Im learning that the key to my personal expansion resonates within the balance of both physical, mental, visionary and spiritual work, the seen and the unseen. Our thoughts create reality and the pictures we hold in our minds are that which we attract to ourselves. It is essential to be very clear and exact about what we want to cultivate and allow our focus to remain on the positive, on the sweetness and on the blessings..For that is what will come to be reality. Its important to make sure that our dreams and aspirations are in alignment with the words we speak and the way we live, to achieve true divine Harmony~~~

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